Dr. Neeta Deshpande

Children's Diabetes Centre

There are unique challenges that surround us when dealing with children who have type 1 diabetes. With blood sugar levels, physical and mental development also has to be considered. The treatment options for these kids are also considerably different from adult care. Type 1 diabetes, as of now, is treated exclusively with multiple insulin injections a day. This is the major challenge.

At Children's Diabetes Centre, we follow a holistic approach encompassing all aspects of the physical and mental stability of kids, apart from maintaining the glucose levels. One of the main aspects of diabetes management in kids is active involvement of family and friends, where we encourage a healthy lifestyle, promote workouts and recommend a stress free environment for better results.

Our Facilities

Over the years, we have gained expertise in providing the best outcomes for patients.

Nutrition and Diet Counselling

Nutrition and Diet Analysis is one of the most essential levels of Diabetes Control and Prevention providing customized plans for patients depending on various test results.

Diabetes Foot Care Clinic

Fundus Eye Exam helps get a more clear understanding of the internal parts of an eye that may get damaged due to prolonged diabetes

Diabetic Eye Care

Annual Diabetes Check-up is a package that we offer for patients to to monitor teir diabetes regularly and have a comprehensive control over diabetes.

Diabetes Education

This measures blood pressure of patients at regular intervals to reduce white coat hypertension effect by increased pressure of patients during clinical examination

Counselling Unit

The Continuous Glucose Monitoring System tests your glucose levels at continuous intervals, providing results on a monitor by a sensor inserted under your skin.

Insulin Pump/CGMS Services

Foot is one of the major orans affected by diabetes and we provide extensive health care facilities for protecting your foot from various conditions that can cause severe damage.