Dr. Neeta Deshpande

Dr. K. H. Belgaumkar Foundation

The K H Belgaumkar Foundation established in the year 2014 continues to impart valuable education to the citizenry of Belgaum regarding lifestyle management, preventive care. The response to our efforts in these areas has been heart-warming and further strengthens our belief that this effort needs to be carried out on a round the year basis

“You can help!”

Objectives of the foundation

To give medical financial assistance to deserving and needy persons, especially to children with diabetes.

To promote and encourage, social awareness, personality development, education.

To run health awareness centre.

To research on various things of medical treatments and research.

To provide modern medical facility such as medical treatment, medical, pathology, Diagnosis and its related equipments for poor, needy and downtrodden people.

The Foundation proposes the following activities through upcoming events:

• Series of “Cheeni Kum” events to promote awareness and detection of diabetes.

• Free Insulin pumps, to needy diabetic children.

• Free Insulin vials to needy diabetes adults and children.

• Awareness and precautions – Specialized workshops for the care giver, teacher and family of the diabetic child.

• Public interest lectures.

• Activities for diabetic children.

• Educational grants for diabetic children.

• Research projects which will benefit the treatment strategies of diabetes.


Furthermore, for the young ones affected by diabetes we are trying to do something really special and life altering with the simple goal of helping them achieve career outcomes that are true to their fullest potential.

With generous donations from philanthropists, last year we could change the lives of two children, who are now doing very well.

The Foundation works to get insulin pumps from the Medtronic Company at the cost of Rs. 1.60 lakhs each and donate these pumps to deserving children so that the headache and heartache of 3-4 pinpricks each day for insulin delivery combined with the chance of a young mind forgetting a dose is eliminated. Also, the delivery and quantity of insulin delivered to young person is controlled in such a way that better blood sugar control is ensured on a continuous basis.

We urge you to consider making a donation to the Foundation and help us reach more children affected by Type 1 Diabetes. We sincerely believe it is a gift worthy of your consideration.

We are happy to announce that any donation made to the Foundation will get a tax exemption under section 80G (5) (vi) of the IT Act 1961.

The Bank details for fund transfer are as below:

Account Name:K. H. Belgaumkar Foundation.
Account number: 520101259981285
IFSC Code: CORP0002003
Bank Name: Corporation Bank
Branch Name: KLS Gogte College Campus, Belgaum.