Dr. Neeta Deshpande

Diabetic Foot Clinic

The Diabetic Foot Clinic of Belgaum Diabetes Centre was commissioned by the World Diabetes Foundation, having been selected as one of 10 centres in Karnataka to be given this facility.

The nerves and blood vessels supplying the feet are very susceptible to damage, leading to deformities, non-healing ulcers and ultimately, amputation.

The risk of damage increases with increasing duration of diabetes. Patients have to be cautious with wounds, injuries and deformities of the feet.

In this specialised Diabetic Foot Clinic, regular screening of nerve and blood supply to the feet, counselling of Do’s and Don’ts of foot care, callus trimming, ulcer dressing and wound care, provision of customized footwear for deformed feet, are the services provided.

Services Offered

Nerve assessment with monofilament testing

We conduct routine foot examinations where we check for Neuropathy (nerves getting affected).

Biothesiometer Testing

This test helps to detect and provide a good understanding of loss of foot sensation in patients with diabetes.

Vascular Assessment (Ankle Brachial Index)/Doppler

This test helps to assess the reduced blood supply to the feet by the use of a hand help doppler.


Foot Clinic includes various procedures that are done to prevent high risk damage to the foot like callus or corn removal, nail clipping, wound dressing, deformities of the foot, infections and necrosis.

Special Diabetes Footwear

We have specially designed footwear for diabetic patients with deformities that helps redistribute the pressures, thereby preventing the formation of calluses and corns.