Dr. Neeta Deshpande

Weight Watch Centre

We all have resolutions to reduce our weight but we either fall short of the effort or lack the motivation to manage our weight. Reducing weight required continuous determination and more importantly the step by step plan to reduce weight for good.

Done scientifically, with proper follow up and hand holding, the likelihood of maintaining the lost weight is very high. Obesity being a chronic disease, must be treated under medical supervision, to avoid long term complications of unsupervised weight loss.

The motto of Weight Watch Weight Management Centre is:

“Losers are Winners”

Our Weight Watch team draws out a step by step plan for you to gain the necessary motivation and determination needed to start the process of losing weight and then a detailed plan to stick to it, to reach your goal.

This plan is a series of small changes that you need to do in your daily routine to reduce your weight and maintain it, without the extra burden of pushing yourself to the limits and giving up midway.

In a few cases, there are also medical and hormonal reasons which results in increased weight which need to be taken care in an organized way and need special attention by an expert. We also provide a detailed analysis of such cases and help the patient reduce the excess weight by following a tried and tested plan.


Our Facilities

Scientific Weight Loss Program

We study your routine activities in detail, close in the exact reason for your weight gain and provide a scientific regime to control your weight

Complete Metabolic & Medical Management

Your nutrition and diet plays a major role in your weight management. So a control over your diet is one of the most effective ways to reduce weight

Meal Replacements/Supplements

Our body reacts differently to different food intakes. It is very important to know the best meal plan and supplement intake for controlled weight management.

Weight Loss after Pregnancy

It is natural for mothers to gain some weight after pregnancy. But it can be controlled and in many cases weight gained after pregnancy can be reduced.

Exercise Prescription

One of the most effective ways to reduce and manage weight is a good exercise and daily workout plan. We prescribe the right exercises to manage your weight proficiently.

Body composition

Each body type is unique and so is the weight management plan. We study your body composition and metabolism to give you the best suited plan for your body type.