Dr. Neeta Deshpande

What is CGMS Testing?

  • CGMS is Continuous Glucose Monitoring System that measures glucose levels in real time throughout the day and night. A tiny electrode called a glucose sensor is inserted under the skin to measure glucose levels in tissue fluid.

What are the types of CGMS Testing Available?

  • We currently have 2 types of CGMS testing available at our facilities.
    • 5 Days
    • 14 Days

Is CGMS for me?

  • If you are a Type 1 and Type 2 patient who would like to control your glucose levels and improve your health and in general the quality of your life.
  • If you have constant fluctuations in blood sugar readings.
  • If you have pregnancy and diabetes.
  • If your insulin dose needs adjustments and you want to customize your treatment.
  • If you need to plan your exercise regimen according to diet and medication.

Why is the advantage of a CGMS Test?

  • You can wear this small lightweight device while going about your daily activity.
  • You get hundreds of readings at regular intervals, even when you are sleeping
  • Get a good reading about your post meal glucose level.
  • No cables or monitors are required. Patient training is also not necessary.

CGMS for patients planning pregnancy

  • For a patient planning pregnancy, it is extremely vital that blood sugar level is very tightly controlled throughout pregnancy.
  • In case, the glucose levels are not controlled, it can prove fatal for both the mother and the foetus.
  • CGMS testing is imperitive for patients planning pregnancy to get an accurate picture of their blood sugar.